bleeding roses

skirt ~ Forever 21, headband ~ H&M, shirt c/o Front Row Shop

I really am keeping up with the color scheme, right? haha I am one who is all about color coordination. This tri-color button down from Front Row Shop makes the combination of black, cream, and red work look really good! So I decided to enhance the black color with a black skirt and heels. The red with the stripe detail on the skirt and a bold floral headband. And BAM, an outfit that color coordinates!

I feel like I look camera shy everytime I look somewhere else besides the camera (looking straight at the lens is awkward...). But I do have a reason why I'm looking down; I have a stye on my eye right now and so my eyelid can't fold over properly. Thanks to the power of makeup, I can cover it up right now (don't worry, I've dealed with a lot of eye cysts and styes before). Hopefully my eye can hurry up and cure itself! 



top ~ Forever 21, shorts ~ Chicwish, heels ~ Steve Madden, camera strap c/o Camerastrapsbags

.......happy birthday to meeee!!!! And I'm another year older (: One more year until I'm a legal adult! And at 17 years old now, I couldn't be more happier! <3 Thank you so much everyone for checking out my blog and I hope to continue posting! (Just trying to keep it short and sweet haha)